Friday, February 10, 2017

STI : Approaching key barrier for now, but if that clears, bullishness can continue into 2nd quarter. STI 3096, are you prepared? We are.

Following up from previous post on the whole market, see it here:

We have indeed seen the STI strengthening further and nearing our short term target.

It seems like the good start this year is still continuing and we are about to attempt a move above the next key resistance at 3100 now.

Can see that this level has been key with us being capped below since the sell down in Aug 2015.

Any firm move above can be a positive for the market with the bullishness continuing.

The question is are you prepared to ride the upside if the bullishness continues? Or are you just sitting tight watching others profit?

System wise, market is also looking good, PTI GRADS can check ;p

We are prepared. Click here to Be a Client to be Notified of any opportunities if that happens.

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