Thursday, February 2, 2017

GKE: Amazing rally seen.... is it over? price 0.161, see the signal given

There is a counter called GKE which one of my clients asked if there were more upside after the run seen.

I checked my system and saw that it has actually shot up by quite a fair bit in just 2 weeks, in fact more than 50%.

We had a BULLISH ENTRY signal 2 weeks back with NO EXITS yet so there can still be more room to go.

Some PTI grads probably rode this but got out too early given its rise.

System aside, I am still short term positive above 0.155 – 0.156 for now though it is pretty normal that we are seeing some profit taking given the run.

Indicators are still looking positive, but whatever the case whether it goes up some more or retrace lower, we will take concrete step to protect profits.

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For illustration purpose only.

For illustration purpose only

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