Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Alliance Mineral: Profit taking seen after 1 month run, normal, upside may not be over, price 0.154, system says what?

Following up from previous call, we have seen Alliance Mineral traded all the way to a high of 0.155 yesterday, even breaching our target set 3 weeks ago, which was about 0.140.

For now, we are seeing some pretty heavy profit taking near 0.160 given the run we have seen over the past 3 weeks.

Was taking a quick look at the system to see what got me interested in this counter and how did me and my inner got alerted in the first place.

We actually had a 1ET BULLISH Entry signal on 16 Jan 2017. Entry price at 0.105. And after a few days, the stock started to run all the way to now where there is still no exit signal. So upside can still be possible.

This system will guide us, PTI grads can check when needed. Anyway, we will seek to protect profits no matter what from here on, it’s that simple.

System aside, we are seeing some support at 0.145 – 0.150 for now so as long as this levels holds, we can see still it test the KEY 0.160 level again.

Any clear price action above can see the uptrend continue imo. For now, let it take a breather after huge run.

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