Tuesday, October 11, 2016

KrisEnergy: a MASSIVE Spike today where everyone is focused... Not the Inner circle though... our focus was 3 weeks back fyi, price 0.198

Saw some actions just now with it attempting a move above 0.160 and sent out a note……

Within a few minutes, buyers were out in full force and it cleared the 0.180 level even…..

Touched a high of 0.200 before some profit taking…..

More than 30% GAIN from yesterday’s closing price…. simply amazing run….

More importantly, I did a check on my system to see what it says…..

We had a 1ET BEARISH ENTRY on 29 JULY 2016 and down it went before an EXIT in September.

After that, we had a RE-ENTRY…. Now it is to the upside direction….


Up it went after a few days to today….

Where it hit a high of 0.200 just now…

NO EXITS ON SYSTEM yet… it may come soon though, we just protect, whatever….

Is more than 80% GAIN IN 3 WEEKS even possible… you can see for yourself…. :)

More info on this Explosive (1ET) System in a “FREE” workshop.

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Recent Email:

Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 12:49 PM
Subject: ********** KrisEnergy: A further breakout above 0.160 can offer more strength, price 0.163
KrisEnergy has traded back to the key 0.160 resistance level that has held since May this year. Any firm move above can open the way to more upside towards 0.180 then 0.200. Seeing a reversal in the 20 day short term MA with MACD also suggesting more momentum ahead as long as 0.160 holds now.

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