Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Resources Prima: Potential breakout above 0.050 further..... price 0.047 - Had An Entry Signal Last Week - Unrealised Gain 41.2%

We have seen Resources Prima broke above the 0.040 over the past few days with a high at 0.049 yesterday….

We are seeing some profit taking near 0.050 which is normal given the run we have seen over the past few days.

Note that ANY further breakout above 0.050 on a specific price action can see us averaging up to ride further.

With target raise to 0.060 – 0.065 if that happens.

PROFITS PROTECTED no matter what……

See below this chart for something unbelievable that some of us managed to benefit…..

See below the trigger that some of our PTI GRADUATES were alerted to….

There was a 1ET BULLISH ENTRY signal on 30 June 2016 based on my Explosive Trading Strategy……

Complete calm before the STORM..…..

Then an Explosion!!!!

Entry price was at 0.034…..

So far NO EXITS…..

Looking at a 41.2% GAIN if you are still holding till now……

Just sharing…..

System aside,  I have set my alerts to inform me if the 0.050 clears out…..and we shall see again…..

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