Friday, July 1, 2016

Precision Trading Intensive program was fantastic and fulfilling.............. See what I mean...... :)

Just last weekend, 24th - 26th June, we had another batch of Precision Trading Intensive Graduates and it was indeed a fulfilling one where I had completely imparted all my expertise, skills, knowledge and real life experience to a select group of students….

Step by step, we covered the basics followed by hands on practice after each key topic, before moving on to the Core concepts of my Explosive (1ET) and Trend (1GT) trading strategies…. Just 2 Strategies which I have mastered and use daily…..

Every single ingredient of the “6-Step” Ultimate Stock Trading Blueprint WAS REVEALED before everyone had a hands-on practice on the VERY SYSTEM that were PRECISELY PROGRAMMED to filter out the GEMS which made our lives so much easier….

I have got raving reviews from every single participant and I am feeling very honored and glad that everybody have truly learnt something in this program…..

From the onset, when I created this program last year, my goal was to ensure that I deliver all my knowledge in an EXTREMELY SIMPLE format (my Blueprint basically), where I imagine speaking to myself 8 years ago when I was completely clueless.

Anything that can be broken down into an EVEN SIMPLER format, I will do it. Well, I graduated with an engineering degree, haha….. ;p

But SIMPLE DOESN’T mean NOT POWERFUL, in fact, it’s the sheer simplicity and POWERFULNESS which is the reason why I think I have value added I guess, but don’t take my word for it please, check out what some are saying below. J

What I am proud of is that after the program immediately, some students are experts themselves and they know exactly what to do and contributed to our Private PTI Graduates What’s App group chat. There were some gains made too based on the calls that were discussed (Check it out below J ).

I believe it’s very important to have a community where we can all learn and share together and I can help out and share, not because I am better, maybe just because I have a bit more experience since I am staring at these stuff daily for years..… J , that’s all.

BUT the thing is ALL MY STUDENTS are all on the same page with me now in terms of skills and knowledge as everything has already been IMPARTED FULLY…. I believe that my students will get better and better with practice, simple, just takes time…

Congrats to those who manage to lock in some gains just within a week of attending the program... I am happy that all my students now know how to fish and no one can take away this skill that I have imparted to them....

See below of snippets of our INTERACTIVE discussions, I am blown away…..  J

My students have used the 1ET and 1GT system immediately after the program over the past 1 week, and some had even managed decent gains just by analyzing the stocks that were filtered out with the EXACT PRECISE CRITERIA that I have imparted to them.

Nothing complicated…. Just following a PROVEN system (See below), but with a CLEAR CONCRETE CRITERIA for any entry, and then having a plan to execute it with PRECISION accordingly, that’s it….. 

See below for some of the stocks that were filtered out over the past week that perhaps some graduates have gained…. I believe it’s critical to know the CORE CONCEPT behind each of my 2 strategies…..

Now you are just seeing the ENTRY DOTS in the charts but you have no idea why they are there, which of course every single PTI student will NOW KNOW clearly... which will definitely help in their EXECUTION…..

After seeing the raving reviews, I have had numerous people asking me when is the next program and some even would like to pay for it immediately without attending the introductory workshops. I am honored indeed. Thank you…

The next program will be in 3 to 4 months time due to my really tight schedule as I am doing this out of my normal work where we have to service thousands of clients. So I thank you for your patience and understanding.

To add, I am also not just some trainer behind a computer whose main business is to teach and probably make a living through this, so hope you understand my really tight schedule.

We do these stuff daily on a real life trading floor with multiple screens, where 1000s of trades worth millions of dollars are executed monthly, not just by me but by my clients and students altogether, so I think you get the point.

NOT TO WORRY, what you need to do now is to make sure you are on my email list so you will be notified the moment an Introductory workshop opens up where you can find out Exactly what will be covered in Precision Trading Intensive program. CLICK HERE TO BE NOTIFIED.

If you see a fit after attending the introductory workshop, then perhaps you can also consider joining it too in the future where I can assure you that you will not be disappointed, but don’t take my word for it, see what others have to say above please  J.

Have a great weekend to all.

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