Friday, June 10, 2016

DBS: Attempted a move above 16.00 yesterday...... morning note issued to wait and see as it can reversed too..... See what i mean....

Retraced to a low of 15.80 today…..

Still waiting for that specific price action for a firm long position above 16.00… it did not happen yesterday definitely,

it’s ok…

Next time again…. Let’s set alerts and wait…..

In Trading, we don’t rush, don’t have means don’t have, we don’t have to force it…. J

Waiting is a virtue….


Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2016 9:28 AM
Subject: **************** DBS: May Attempt a move above 16.00 critical level.... watching for that specific price action first.... price 16.00
DBS is back to the key 16.00 resistance level that it has maintained below since January. Has consolidated above 14.50 over the past 2 months but so far still unable to clear above 16.00. any clear move above with a clear specific price action may signal more upside and a potential end to the consolidation. MACD has just crossed above the zero mark but still not yet….. wait…. I need something more for that confirmation. For those who have gone through PTI program, I think you know what that it… note that it can also just touched this level and reversed down back to 15.00 like we have seen, so we need to see it first…

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