Friday, April 11, 2014

***************** Q&M Dental: Uptrend stock. More upside on each consolidation....... Price 0.44....

Q&M Dental is one of those uptrending stock currently that you can have in your mid to long term portfolio…. Not really for contra or speculative trading as volume is thin. May have to hold to ride the upside. Its has been consolidating from 0.395 to 0.425 for more than a month before staging a breaking only this week above 0.425 level. Likely to consolidate from 0.425 to 0.45 before a breakout is further seen. A break above 0.45 can see it trade to 0.50. As long as 0.400 remains as support, we are bullish and will continue to ride the uptrend and raise stop loss upwards along the way. Has been consistently hovering above 20 day MA support line since Nov last year as it began its gentle ascent.
Stop loss 0.385.

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