Monday, March 10, 2014

********** Trading BUY: Jason Holdings.... Breaking to new high, new support at 0.50

Following up from previous buy call in February. Jason Holding has indeed traded higher slowly to hit a new high seen today at TOP 30 Volume. Has been consolidating before Critical 0.500 for about a week and  a breakout seen today. Uptrend still intact at the moment unless it prove otherwise and break any critical support. Those with long positions previously can raise stop loss price to 0.485 and continue to ride the trend. As long as 0.500 is a new support, a rise towards 0.55 and 0.60 can be possible. Note that it has been consistently trading above the 20 DAY MA short term moving average since Jan as a sign of strength. Ride till support breaks down.
Stop loss at 0.485

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