Friday, September 20, 2013

********* Consolidating before more Upside: China Env. Share price 0.48. ( Wait for the next phase of uptick)

Follow up from BUY Trading call made last Friday on 13th September 2013. China Env has broken above the 0.46 immediate resistance level 2 days ago and manage to stay above this new support. Trading range would most likely be from 0.46 to 0.500 consolidation before more upside seen. Resistance stands Critically at 0.500. Currently, we can see Massive sellers there so any break above this Crucial 0.500 would be a new phase upwards again. As long as 0.46 and 0.45 holds as a new support level now, we are bullish. This counter has been consolidating only to break higher each time and also faster. Can continue to average up and ride the trend as long as KEY support level holds. Will average up on the break of 0.500, from 0.505 to 0.51. Target to 0.54 then 0.600.
Stop loss at 0.435.

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