Monday, August 12, 2013

****** Trading SELL: Indo Agri. Share price 0.845. (CFD SELL TRADE)

Following up from SELL CALL made last week 6 Aug 2013. Indo Agri has broken down immediate support at 0.85 level today after consolidating above it for about a week. Seems likely to head lower to test the 0.800 real soon. If it does not stay above 0.85 in the coming days, more weakness can be possible. Can consider holding CFD SHORT positions to ride any downside. A break below 0.800 can see it go down further to where it was in the trough set in early 2009. Low after financial crisis was below 0.400 fyi. Still no end to downside in sight unless it breaks up above 0.900 first.
Buy Stop at 0.875

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