Monday, July 22, 2013

***** Monitor Closely: OKH Global. Share price 0.49.

Following up from trading call made on 4th July 2013. OKH Global has consolidated briefly below 0.45 level before breaking above again. Looks set to test this 0.500 Critical psychological resistance level. Might see it consolidate below this level for a while before attempting to break it again like we have seen for all the other resistance previously. Would be good to realize some profit around the 0.500 level for those who entered below 0.400. A break above 0.500 level can see it trade higher though, to find a new all time high. Aggressive traders can consider adding more long positions on breakout. So far, upward trend intact in the short term as still above 20 DAY MA (Green line) and have not traded below previous day low for each passing day. No one knows how high it can go.
Stop loss at 0.46 for short term trades.

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