Thursday, October 19, 2017

UOL: Still looking strong... Price 9.07. System Revealed!

Slightly more than 2 weeks ago, we spotted some really solid price action in UOL with the 8.20 level giving way.

Buyers started to come out in full force thereafter and a chart was drawn with some targets…

It started to show some actions last week and we then revised our target higher to 9.00….

Seems like even that gave way today too.... See what was drawn last week...

For illustration purpose only

With the move today, targets can be revised higher towards 9.50 then 10.00 probably. Uptrend still looking strong above 9.00 now... Protect ;)

What about the System which first alerted us to this counter? 

Well, we are still NOT SEEING ANY EXITS .......  exits on what?

Exits on the 1ET bullish signals we had on 2nd  Oct 2017, about 2 weeks ago, Entry price 8.21.

This was even before it started it’s actions....

See what I mean below. Revealed!!

Want to know how to get the SYSTEM so that you can scan it daily for winning GEMS?


For illustration purpose only

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