Wednesday, June 14, 2017

SIA Engineering: A new upward phase, did we see something on system? Price 4.09

Following up from previous blog post last month when SIA Engineering was at 3.99 >>>

We have seen SIA Engineering consolidated below the 4.00 resistance for about a month before some actions seen recently...

Finally, the break through above the key 4.00 level came a few days back where clients were alerted.

More importantly, PTI Inner Circle members were alerted even earlier to a bullish signal on the system...

Let’s just say we saw something nice and it is still looking nice until we see it is not. Make sense?

We can see more strength towards 4.20 then 4.40 quickly as mentioned if the 4.10 gets out of the way as well... Nice.

Let’s take a look at the arrows drawn on the charts in Jan and May 2017 as per below and see how they are playing out for now....

Seems like prices are still following as drawn... haha. ;)

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For illustration purpose only

For illustration purpose only

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