Friday, June 30, 2017

QAF: Sell down below 1.30 today fast. Warning sent, cautious long, price 1.26

Just yesterday, had alerted my inner circle of a potential breakdown below 1.30 when we had a bearish signal on the system.

Specifically a 1ET bearish signal from my Explosive trading strategy.

It was hovering dangerously above 1.30 and look on the brink of breaking it.

It did today. And sellers came in fast.

We can see more selling towards 1.20 before some technical rebound.

Looking at a bigger picture, we can actually see a Bearish Head and Shoulder pattern as highlighted….

But that is not why the bearish 1ET signal came out….

PTI grads will know   ;)

Just be careful below 1.30 now…

Target as drawn yesterday on the chart below may play out….

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For illustration purpose only

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