Monday, April 24, 2017

Privileged to be invited as a speaker by SGX....

Over the weekend, I had the privileged to be invited by SGX to share more on how one can fine-tune their stock portfolio in just 3 simple steps.

I covered topics like how we can ensure that our stock portfolio is with the uptrend as it is harder to go wrong...

I also mentioned where are the best zones to start timing our entry, for a dividend portfolio and gave some real life examples.

I am glad that the audience learnt something from the feedback that I am receiving.

Market has been rather volatile of late and it is good to be more cautious in trading and manage positions wisely. Market was up 17 points in the morning and now it is back negative 2 points...

Anyway, looking forward to receive my next batch of Precision Trading Intensive graduates next month J

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