Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Geo Energy Res: Finally a move above the key 0.200 resistance, price 0.215, More upside from here? Let's see what the system says...

After consolidating below 0.200 resistance level for more than 3 weeks, finally, we saw actions yesterday with it attempting to break above…

Had sent out a few emails last month when we were riding the upside (see below).

However, PTI Grads actually had an even earlier ALERT for this counter and that was in the beginning of October.

Some managed to profit from the signal given by my system…. let’s take a look…

We had a 1GT AND 1ET BULLISH ENTRY SIGNAL ON 29 SEPT AND 3 OCT 2016 AT AN ENTRY PRICE OF 0.143 AND 0.146 as seen from the chart below…

2 completely different strategies with 2 completely different specific criteria, with signals 2 days apart….

A few days later it BOOMED!!

Had an EXIT SIGNAL last week finally….

So looking at a 33.6% GAIN in 1 month………

Then, a NEW 1GT BULLISH RE-ENTRY signal a few days back again….

Still good to go above 0.200 now?

We shall see….

Price at 0.215…

IMO, system aside, as long as 0.200 holds as the new support, we are bullish….

ACCESS TO this System is SOLD OUT as of now apologies, as PTI Program for end Nov has been sold out, thanks for the overwhelming demand…



Recent Emails:

Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2016 4:55 PM
Subject: ******* Geo Energy Res: Finally a move above the key 0.200 resistance, price 0.215

Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 9:32 AM
Subject: ******* Geo Energy Res: Profit taking seen near 0.200 normal... protect, price 0.192

Sent: Monday, October 10, 2016 9:29 AM
Subject: ******** Geo Energy Res: Breaking above last week high, strong, price 0.178, More momentum with 0.180 clearing....

Sent: Friday, October 07, 2016 9:19 AM
Subject: ********** Geo Energy Res: Pulling away from new 0.160 support, price 0.165

Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2016 3:53 PM
Subject: *************** Geo Energy Res: A move above 0.160 can see more short term upside, price 0.162

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