Thursday, July 28, 2016

Swiber: A Bearish Signal than a 2 weeks sell down then the worst thing happened.... Price: NA - (Wound Up)

Just 2 weeks ago we had a 1ET Bearish signal then a sell down….

And then suddenly, this morning Swiber Holdings has filed a winding-up application and its directors have resigned to pursue their own interests which is the worst thing that can happen to a stock...

I am amazed at how this 1ET strategy managed to even predict the rapid sell down and worst still it was so bad that the company has wound up….

Forget about shorting and making money from the downside for now (36.3% gain in just 2 weeks)……

More importantly……

What if you had a long position or you are still holding on to the stock blindly all these while thinking that it will surely recover one day….

And you saw this signal?

Could it have help you to get out first in time before it wound up?

See what I mean below

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