Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Singapore O&G: More upside above 1.05, a new high seen. Uptrend intact above.. price 1.07 - An Entry signal 7 weeks back, see what I mean....

We have seen a new high for Singapore O&G today after seeing it consolidating briefly below the 1.05 temp resistance level for less than a week.

There can be more upside with it holding above now with a target to 1.10 for now which it is likely to attempt a move above over the next few days.

More importantly, there was actually a 1ET BULISH ENTRY signal on my system which I wanted to share about.

About 7 weeks AGO, with an Entry price at 0.82….. Still no exit till now….. SEE BELOW THE CHART.

It has been pushing higher after some minor consolidations EVER SINCE…

Let’s see if the exit will come soon.

Raise stop loss for those who manage to lock in any long positions previously….  J

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