Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FSL Trust: New Multi year high today [26.7% return in less than 3 weeks from this system]. No need to chase actually..... See what I mean....

Today there was quite a bit of Hoo Haa on this counter called FSL Trust with quite a few clients asking if still can enter…….

It was in TOP 20 Volume and I saw quite a lot of buy ups in the morning pushing it to a high of 0.185 before some profit taking which is normal...

BUT What a lot of people would NOT KNOW is that there is NO need to RUSH and CHASE today actually …..



There was ALREADY a BULLISH SIGNAL 3 weeks back on 4th May 2016 where there was a 1ET Bullish ENTRY TRIGGER with an ENTRY PRICE at 0.146….

There still isn’t an Exit signal till today...

So it’s a 26.7% GAIN IN 3 weeks and counting…..

That’s what you can expect if you have scanned on that very day and followed this idiot proof system…..

What’s the point of chasing today when some are taking profit at the high, right….

If you want to find out more about this very system and of course my “6-Step” Ultimate Blueprint, then you got to come for this last workshop this Thursday 7pm if you haven’t yet done so…

After that it would be a 3 to 4 months wait already due to my tight schedule….

See you there  J

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