Friday, November 6, 2015

Spackman: Touched our TARGET at 0.090 !

Still more room to go? Can it cross above 0.090 now? 

Sent: Monday, November 02, 2015 9:23 AM
Subject: ********* Spackman: potential upside above 0.080 further, bullish move on breakout ! price 0.078
Following up from previous call, we have seen some consolidation for Spackman below the 0.076 – 0.080 resistance for the past 2 weeks. Today we have experience a strong volume breakout of temp 0.076 resistance and a possible testing of the 0.80 resistance level. Any further breakout above 0.80 can open the way to 0.090 then 0.11 as seen in the charts. 0.080 also coincides with the 100 day MA line at the moment and crossing above this price point will be an added bonus with a stronger rebound trend in place. Strong volume day seen last Friday with huge buy ups since 2 weeks price action which cans signal a positive move soon above 0.080.

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