Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Breakout seen: Yuuzoo - What a surge after call issued ! 25% GAIN in 2 days

Did you manage to catch the breakout seen LIVE YESTERDAY ! Through price was slightly higher, some clients still managed to get in on time before a further breakout above the 0.190 level. NOW AT 0.235 !

Sent: Monday, May 18, 2015 9:39 AM
Subject: ******************* Breakout seen: Yuuzoo - Clearing above 0.180 a good step towards rebounding, price 0.187
Yuuzoo has consolidated for more than a week below the 0.180 support turned resistance level and finally today we have seen some actions on top volume as it clears the 0.180 psychological resistance level. This may lead to a rebound back to 0.200, 0.22 then 0.25. Technical indicators looking at a reversal with today’s price action with immediate resistance at 0.190 now. May consolidate from 0.184 to 0.190 before a further breakout towards 0.200. Longer term trend still pointing lower so may just be a technical rebound. Stop loss at 0.183 for any long positions which is to be raise upwards on a further breakout above 0.190.

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