Monday, October 15, 2018

Interview with FX Star Trader Karen Foo

Just 2 weeks back, I was invited to share in an interview with fellow Singaporean FX Star Trader Karen Foo.

It was a great session where we talked about the markets and she asked me questions on how one can seek to trade the stock market more profitably...

Her forte was on FX and mine was mainly on stocks so there were lots of pointers to learn from one another...

I would say that despite the different asset classes, the same core fundamentals still applies when trading.. 

In our short chat, I share about my personal story and also the common mistakes that most retail traders make and how not to commit them.

Do check it out and here is the link on Youtube if you would like to watch the full interview, about 10 mins long: 


Be sure to also subscribe to Karen's Youtube channel where she invites many amazing guest and experts to share their experiences too.

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