Sunday, April 22, 2018

"FREE" Enhanced Market Depth, have you Got Yours? Plus 1 stock revealed!

Just a few weeks back, my brokerage firm Phillip Securities has introduced this new thing called the Enhanced Market depth

Yes, it's the first time ever that such data is released to retail traders in Singapore…

Yes, there is the word "ENHANCED" you need to take note of (will explain more below)… and the best part of it all…

It is FREE till 29 June 2018..

So what is market depth?

Well, for those of you who are new, market depth allows us to see the bid and ask queue for a stock up to 20 levels..

For example, for the stock Keppel Corp below… you can see the key data like:

>>  Bid 8.20, Ask 8.21, Last Done 8.21.

At  8.20, there is for 54k shares queuing to buy.

At 8.21, there is 221k shares queuing to sell.

Yes, the above is what most people see daily. Simple… Some call it the 1st level prices.

So the question is, are there any body queuing to buy lower, maybe 8.18…. ok maybe cheaper at 8.15…

What about those queuing to sell higher at 8.22 or 8.25..

Can we see how many shares are queuing at those levels???

Yes we can, and this is where we look at the market depth, see what I mean below…

You can see that for the 1st level prices price right at the top 8.20 and 8.21 as highlighted above in red…

The numbers of shares queuing to buy (on the left) and sell (on the right) respectively is exactly the same as that mentioned when we were just looking at 1 level..

But now, with this market depth, we can see all the shares queuing to buy lower, from 8.19 all the way 8.00…

And also all the shares queuing to sell higher, from 8.22 all the way to 8.40…

So up till recently, most people with market depth access can only see what is the above..

However as mentioned, my brokerage firm Phillip Securities, has recently introduced what we call the "ENHANCED" Market depth… 1st time ever for retail traders.

See what I mean below…

For each of the price level, we are now able to see NOT JUST the number of shares queuing BUT ALSO the number of orders that makes up the shares..

Look at extreme left and right column highlighted in red above…. They are the ORDERS column..

For example, at price 8.21 where there are 221k shares queuing to sell… you can see that there are 3 orders

At price 8.22 where there are 229k shares queuing to sell (just slightly higher)… you see that there are 26 orders

So where do you think the big orders are?  At 8.21 or 8.22?

Yes, definitely at 8.21. Why?

Because there are only 3 orders there but the total number of shares are almost equal to that queuing to sell at 8.22. 

So there is probably a big seller at 8.21 for now resisting that level… and we may be able to tell something from that...

Of course, there are other Ninja ways we use the market depth which will be covered more in depth in Precision Trading Intensive, my highest level program, where you can attend a free workshop but for now…

Just want to SHARE about this "ENHANCED" Market depth that is FREE for clients

So the question is, are you using it yet to gain an edge?

If you are Already a client of ours and HAVE NOT got accessed, just click on the button below here on your phone to send us a Whatsapp message and my team will be touch to get it for you asap.

If you are NOT A CLIENT of Ours yet… are you kidding?

Click here to Come On Board Asap not just to get this Enhanced market depth but also to Enjoy so much more value added services, seen no where….

On a side note, Keppel Corp has indeed started to see some actions since we covered it over the past few days…  

1st target hit, 2nd target may be on its way… Still watching… see chart below.. Have a great weekend!   😉

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