Thursday, February 1, 2018

AEM: An impressive run seen, uptrend firm and may not be over... Price 4.97. See what the system says!

Over the past 2 weeks, we have seen an impressive run in AEM with it breaching the key 3.50 level last Monday on some really good price actions…

Since then, we have seen it traded higher each day only to see some profit taking over the past few days near 5.00….

We have been consolidating from 4.70 to 5.00 over the past few days which is normal given the run we have experienced…

See where we are below right now before reading more below the chart if there can be more upside…

Though it might seen that upside may be capped, the thing is the uptrend still looks good especially on more solid actions above 5.00

Inner circle members were alerted to the move last Monday as it played out and the reason was because we had a signal on the PTI SYSTEM the week before, the Friday before the weekend

Yes, more specifically on the 19 Jan 2018…. We had a NEW 1GT BULLISH SIGNAL with ENTRY PRICE at 3.43….

Looking at a 44.9% GAIN in 2 weeks and still counting…. Still NO EXITS….

See what I mean below… Not too sure when the exit will come but we will use that as a guide…

Will have some workshops in the coming months to share more about how you can get hold of this system and more importantly, know what goes on behind the system. See you. ;)

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