Monday, November 6, 2017

Hi-P: We are almost there.... Price 1.995. Is the upside really over?

Hi-P has continued its bullish rampage….

It seems like we are approaching the 2.00 target as drawn….

An updated chart with revised targets were shown to inner circle members exactly 2 weeks back…. (See what I mean below)

For illustration purpose only

Was then just rebounding from the 1.60 level when we spotted something….

And some new targets drawn to 2.00….

We’re almost there…. Price 1.995 as of now….

Questions: “Is the upside really really over already? like no more meat?”

Well, the SYSTEM still shows something and we would like to use it as a guide…. Just saying….

Waiting for that price action again for the next round…  ;)

Take a look at what the SYSTEM SAID a few weeks back…..

Yes, before the REAL move BEGAN…. Still good? PTI grads can check…..

For illustration purpose only

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