Monday, October 16, 2017

Chip Eng Seng: 2nd target almost hit but is the upside really over this time? Price 0.89.

More than a week ago on Friday, I did blog post on Chip Eng Seng when it was at about 0.83....  >>>

I mentioned that there can be more upside with target at 0.900 still on tracked eventhough most are saying that it’s not possible as it has risen a lot already...

Well indeed, over the past week, we have continued to see strength and it is almost nearing our 0.900 target today....

If you have been following me closely, this stock was also in the Top 3 Stocks report that virtually went viral on Facebook 3 weeks back.

We actually had more than a 1000 people commenting and asking for the report which thankfully me and my team delivered as promised...

Click here to see video and comment if you still haven’t.

Well, looking back and when I first spotted this counter a month back on 18 September 2017, I was quite a amazed to set that it matches the current chart quite nicely

See the chart that was drawn then with targets and when nothing has even played out yet then.

It was at about 0.76…. see below

For illustration purpose only.

Take a look at where we are Now again right below….  

Is it really just luck or is there really a way we can decipher all these chart movements consistently?

Well, looking for some specific price action where we may see a new phase up again to 0.97. 

Upside may not be over imo…. Let’s see…

Some selling pressure seen for now, which is normal by the way….

For illustration purpose only.

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