Friday, July 14, 2017

YZJ Shipbldg: Spotted last week. Back to resistance, waiting for a specific price action... price 1.30, system?

Just last week, inner circle members were alerted to a potential trade setup when we saw YZJ Shipbldg broke the 1.24 temp resistance level.

It did rise higher to a high of 1.32 before some profit taking.

After the profit taking, calls to accumulate were given again to ride the rebound when it was at a decent price level.

And it has indeed rebounded over the past 3 days from the firm support level we are seeing now.… 

Try to see what it is from the chart below  ;)

Today, a trade back to the 1.30 – 1.32 key resistance level again....

May retrace lower like we have seen previously but I am more interested in the upside if we see something….

System wise…

Yes, let’s just say we saw something recently….

Just before the ascent..

Shhh…. ;)

For illustration purpose only

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