Monday, July 17, 2017

Video: 6 Stocks Revealed in Market Outlook - Actions already seen! Are you in or out?

Just about 2 weeks back on 1st July 2017..

I did a Stock Market Outlook seminar for the 2nd Half 2017 where I did a quick review of the key factors affecting the market and also gave my view…

More importantly, I also mentioned 6 stocks that we were looking at for potential long positions to be taken..

Click here or the image below to watch this 2 mins video which will reveal them….

5 of them have already started to show some positive actions…

And the thing is .. 

There can still be more upside….

Let me just show you the chart of one of them below. We saw some actions last week already..

And more actions today too….

New targets drawn too while we protect profits J

Want to know what stock the above is?

Click here to Watch the video to find out and Comment so you can also get my...

“FREE” Proven Trend Trading Consultation Cheat Sheet” to understand what goes on behind those moves!

See ya!  ;)

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