Monday, July 10, 2017

Moya Asia: Touching first target soon, price 0.118, targets still on tracked.

Just last week, we saw some actions with Moya Asia actually moving past the 0.106 temp resistance level..

It was then about 0.108 – 0.109 and a note was sent out with some targets drawn on the chart as per below....

Target was drawn all the way to 0.130.... see below what I mean.

For illustration purpose only

Over the past few days, we have indeed seen the 0.110 level gave way and up it went...

To a high at 0.119 today... We are half way there.... ;)  Target seems like still playing out well…

Likely to test our first mini target at 0.120 today where we can see some profit taking also.

Seeing some support at 0.114 – 0.115 for now where short term uptrend is still positive above.

Any firm price action above 0.120 can open the way to 0.130 as mentioned. Let’s see.

Congrats to those still riding or to those who have taken profits.... ;)

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