Thursday, June 8, 2017

SingMedical: A new upwards phase. System spotted something, price 0.685.

Over the past few days, we have seen SingMedical staged a firm move above the key 0.62 resistance level…..

It has been trading in a strong uptrend and consolidating below 0.62 for more than 3 months, testing it a few times but failed to cross above, finally the move came.

Any firm price action above 0.70 can see the upside continue. For now seeing some profit taking again which is normal…

Inner circle members were alerted then when we some positive actions. But before the actions, we actually saw something else….

Specifically a pattern from one of my 2 strategies….

The Explosive Trading strategy…..

Yes we did see something on the system for that strategy before this recent move came… looking good, just saying…. ;)

Let's see if the arrows drawn on the chart below can continue....

For illustration purpose only

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