Monday, June 5, 2017

Hi-P: Almost touching 1.00.... is the upside over? 41.1% GAIN from signal generated! Price 0.985

Just about 3 weeks back, I published a post on Hi-P when it was about 0.825, see blog post here >>>

Anyway, we started to see some profit taking but buyers came back up to take it higher...

It subsequently broke above the 0.900 level where we saw it consolidate for more than a week before pushing higher today and almost touching out 1.00 target....

High at 0.995 as of now. See where we are now below...

For illustration purpose only

A few emails were sent over past 3 weeks hinting at more strength actually.

But more importantly, wanted to bring out the bullish signal again that was shown in the previous blog post.

The new 1GT BULLISH ENTRY signal on 21 Apr 2017… Entry price 0.705.

See below.

For illustration purpose only

We are looking at a 41.1% GAIN from this bullish signal and the thing is, it is still going strong…

Do we have an exit yet?

Well, PTI grads can find out….

We are seeing some profit taking near 1.00 for now which is normal given the rally we have experienced….

Is there more upside?

Well never say never, a move above 1.00 on a specific price action can see more upside momentum…. Hint hint…

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