Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunright: Saw something, move came. Still good from system? Price 0.585

Just last Friday, we saw some actions in this counter called Sunright.

It was approaching its 0.54 key resistance level…..

See the chart below where some targets were drawn…. Was at about 0.545 then

For illustration purpose only

Indeed, the move strengthened and it started to push up higher at day end with buyers not letting go….

We started to see more strength today with it almost hitting our first target at 0.60.

High as of now is 0.59…

More importantly, inner circle members were alerted to this on the system….

We had a BULLISH SIGNAL on my Explosive 1ET strategy last week just before the move came…

Glad that everyone know why the signal is there…. I mean like why there is a signal…. 

That’s so powerful to me!

No exits for now........

Looking to see when the 0.600 level will clear out to give way to more buyers....

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