Friday, May 26, 2017

BreadTalk: Target hit... BUT is it really over? System says? Price 1.605

Just last week, a note was sent out when we saw something in Breaktalk…..

It was a move above the 1.50 resistance level which was interesting and could point to more upside….

See what was sent out below….  where there were arrows drawn on the chart…. J

For illustration purpose only

True enough, we have indeed seen Breaktalk pushed higher over the past few days to hit our target at 1.60…..

Target hit!!!

The thing is, it is looking to even cross this temp resistance today too…..

In the last email, I also mentioned that we saw something on the system

What thing?

Well, a signal!!!!

Just wanted to pull it out since a client has asked about it so here it is below….

We got a 1GT BULLISH ENTRY SIGNAL, 4TH May 2017….

Yes, it has started to push higher till now…..

For illustration purpose only

The thing is, we are still not seeing any EXITS ON THIS counter yet….

And the uptrend still looks fairly ok to ride…. J

Your call..

PTI grads can check back to see when the exit will come eventually….. protect profits now….

Thanks to this system that makes it so much easier for me and also my grads…..  

We are right below now in terms of a live chart…. Can the price continue to rise like the arrow BELOW?

Be a client of Joey to be in the loop at least J >>> CLICK HERE

For illustration purpose only

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