Thursday, April 6, 2017

Yanlord: Pushing higher after previous post, but now what? price 1.925

Following up from previous post about 3 weeks back when it was at 1.79  >>>

We have indeed seen the 1.80 resistance cleared out and up it went further.

Over the past few days, we have even seen the 1.90 resistance gave way as well.

Today, more strength seen as it tried to find a new high. So the question is can it head towards the 2.00 next or maybe even higher? J

Attached chart from previous email on signal again..... ;p  - 1GT BULLISH ENTRY Signal on 2 March 2017, Entry price at 1.62.

Arrows drawn then still playing out well....

For illustration purpose only

So is there AN EXIT from the system yet?

Answer is: no

PTI grads can see where we are now ;p

System aside, we can still more strength above 1.90 now before some profit taking occur again.

Last workshop to register >>>

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