Tuesday, April 11, 2017

China Aviation: Standing out amongst the rest, price 1.72, still good to go?

Following up from previous blog post last week when it was at 1.645 >>> http://singaporetradinginsights.blogspot.sg/2017/04/china-aviation-seeing-strength-still.html.

I mentioned that we saw something….

Specifically a signal… and that something interesting can continue to play out…. Let’s not talk amount the system for now…

Just this morning, when China Aviation was at 1.675 as seen in chart with arrows drawn below before anything played out…

For illustration purpose only

I had alerted my inner circle to take note that we can still more strength above 1.70….. and that the signal was still there which some checked….

Just before the market closed, we have seen a final push above 1.70, with China Aviation ending at day high at 1.72 even…

Quite an impressive 1 day rally indeed when the rest seems to be in limbo and market also weak…

Can it head towards 1.80 now as per arrow drawn in chart above? 

Well.... it's possible! Above 1.70 still awesome!

What about system signals…. shhhh… let’s see….  ;)

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