Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Avi-Tech: Pushing higher along with trend..... system? Price 0.455

Avi-Tech has been trending upwards firmly since the beginning of March with buyers till staying strong.

We have seen some actions again today with it breaking above the temp 0.43 resistance level.

Looks set to test 0.50 next with 0.45 clearing out too… Uptrend still looks pretty intact above 0.44 now.

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More importantly, we did had a 1GT bullish signal on 28 Feb 2017. Entry price at 0.34. (See below chart from system)

It has since started  trading gradually upwards over the past 1 month to a high at 0.455 today….

Still NO EXIT from the system…. Looks like the uptrend is still looking good to ride.

Can we see 0.50 or maybe even higher in the coming weeks. We will check back  J

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For illustration purpose only

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