Monday, April 3, 2017

Alliance Mineral: The Exit Came Finally. Is this really the end of rally? Price 0.36

Following up from previous blog post on Alliance Mineral about 2 weeks back when it was at 0.27 >>>

We saw Alliance Mineral push higher with the new re-entry signal indeed, clearing past 0.300 too.

It then traded all the way to 0.400 last week before a pretty heavy sell down last Thursday and Friday due to trading restrictions imposed on this counter by brokerages, thereby sucking up demand.

And yes, the sell down did lead to an exit signal again.

An exit from the 2nd 1GT BULLISH Entry signal on 15 March 2017, entry price at 0.215. See below chart.

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For illustration purpose only

Finally..... and that is like another 53.4% GAIN after the previous exit.

Indeed one of the best performing stocks this year that brokerages have taken steps to manage the risk, which is actually good and normal...

Congrats to some inner circle members who were alerted and took pretty decent profits at the high last week, just before the sell down. See what I mean.

So the question now is, will there be another re-entry signal?

Is the upside really over?

Well, we shall look at the system again to see what it says in the next few days.

But system aside, I would like to see some stability first but I am still pretty postive above 0.32 now..... Let’s see.

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