Tuesday, March 21, 2017

UMS: System revealed! price 0.865, to 0.90?

Following up from previous blog post last week where price was at 0.79 then >>> http://singaporetradinginsights.blogspot.sg/2017/03/ums-testing-0800-real-soon-price-079.html

Have mentioned briefly about some bullish signals that we have got and also a potential move above 0.800..

True enough, we have seen UMS broke the 0.800 over the past week and today even a breached of the 0.85 resistance.

Have been talking about the system that PTI grads have accessed too. Mentioned briefly that there were no exits in the previous post too.

Wanted to just pull out the system chart for all to see to put everything in perspective

For illustration purpose only

It has started pushing higher ever since.... And that is like a 18.6% GAIN IN 1 week just from the 2nd RE-ENTRY signals.....

We would be looking out for any exits if it comes.  Protect profits nevertheless.

Uptrend still looking great with 0.85 holding now... :)

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