Thursday, March 16, 2017

CSE Global: Trying to attempt a new high, looks good still. How do I know? Price 0.55

Was just looking through some of the stocks in the system to see if the upside is still good to go. And I spotted this counter which was also trying to push higher today.

We had 2 BULLISH entry signal on the 17 Feb last month actually, entry price at 0.475.

And then it started its gradual ascent. Actually not gradual. It’s a 15.8% gain in 1 month and counting.

Though it may be slightly later compared to PTI grads who were alerted way earlier last month, BUT for me, the upside is still pretty good to go above 0.54…

Of course, if you want to know exactly what is the strategy behind the signals or how to gain access to this system, you can attend a FREE workshop >>>

We want to make sure we don’t lose a single cent now that we are in the money J

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