Friday, March 31, 2017

Chasen: Back to consolidation after ride, system says? Price 0.093

Over the past week, we had seen Chasen staged a pretty impressive rally.

I missed this as was looking at other counters. However, a few of my inner circle members spotted this after scanning and rode….

There was a 1GT BULLISH ENTRY signal on 23 March 2017

Entry price at 0.052….

For illustration purpose only

It started to gap and there was no turning back….. Hit a high of about 0.100 yesterday before some profit taking occurred, which is normal given the huge run….

THE THING IS, there are NO EXITS yet from the system…. So can the upside still continue?

Maybe yes, let’s see if that specific price action we are looking for occur again…

System aside, we are seeing some support at 0.090 now where it would probably consolidate for a while to 0.100 before more direction, nothing abnormal J

Also good to lock in profits near 0.100…

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For illustration purpose only

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