Thursday, January 19, 2017

Alliance Mineral: Pushing higher after note issued, still more legs to the rally... price 0.114

We managed to see some actions this morning with it approaching the key 0.110 resistance level...

Target can be to 0.120 then 0.140 in the short term with it holding above now….

We have seen a Doji candle last month before the reversal down…

The questions is…. ?

Can the reversal down happen again back to 0.090 or this time it is for real….

Congrats to some aggressive players who managed to lock in some positions and seating on some profits already....

From the system, we may have a BULLISH SIGNAL too... PTI grads will know why :)

Hit a high at 0.115 before some profit taking... more room to go? We shall see....

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