Friday, December 16, 2016

Last Precision Trading Intensive program for 2016, it's a wrap for the year.... Thanks to all participants for making it a huge success

Just recently, we had our last batch of Precision Trading Intensive Graduates for the year and this time it was even bigger and more fulfilling.

We had a sold out event which was filled to the very last row and it was indeed a privilege again to be able to impart all my real life stock trading knowledge and skills completely.

I was blown away by my students' energy and willingness to learn no matter what age or stage they are at, asking questions to clarify their doubts and participating actively in all hands-on session.

This is the also the first time that I have got so many raving reviews that I am so tempted to share all of them but due to space constraint, I will share a few... :)

To sum up the event, we first went through the ever-important topic of "Trading Psychology" where there were numerous laughters as some students realized that they were doing the wrong thing all along. 

Up till now, it still amazes me to see how our minds react in the stock market, sometimes completely opposite to what we are supposed to do.

Most would say that this topic is pretty straight forward but to me, this is one of the most important thing we have to master in trading before even diving to any strategy.

We then covered the fundamentals of my 1st core strategy, the 1GT (1 Good Trend), also known as the Trend Trading Strategy. 

And then, once everyone had the basics and the core foundation all wired, that was when we seal things up with my "6-Step" Ultimate Stock Trading Blueprint.

On day 2, the most exciting part came where I REVEALED my 1ET (1 Explosive Trade) strategy. 

This is the Explosive strategy that allowed many of us to REAP Double digit or sometimes even triple digit gains in a matter of months.

I am sure many of my students were looking forward to this segment and it was perfectly executed. 

Every single ingredient of each step of this Blueprint was revealed live in a precision manner that I take seriously with no stone left unturned. 

And finally on day 3, the blueprint was wrapped up before we went into the 1GT and 1ET SYSTEM.

The very system that allows us to pick up stock with Precision Accuracy. 

The very system that drills down only on GEMS which we want to focus on.

I believe that everyone should know the core concept behind the system before even touching it. That is when you can harness the true power and accuracy of each strategy. 

We did a real life scanning of stocks to watch for the very next week where we indeed saw some actions in some of them.

Making sure no one was left behind, I had a team of super friendly assistants who were always on the lookout to help anyone in need, especially in the HANDS-ON session.

Thanks for the great support William, Kenneth, John, Kian Meng, Daphne and Joel - I have received great feedback from my students for all your help. Thank you.

After the program, all my PTI Graduates were added to the Inner Circle Private What's App chat group which everyone was so excited about.

And it was heartening to see everyone immediately apply what they were imparted in the inner circle group.

Since the day PTI graduates were added, we have had active discussions every single day... 

Trading ideas were contributed not just by me, but also by graduates themselves who are already experts after the program.

For me, once everybody is on the same page in terms of knowledge, things move so much faster. 

Just a picture of a chart with some lines drawn and everybody gets the idea and know what to do, it's that simple.

Especially for the Explosive 1ET Strategy which I have fully imparted, all we need is just a picture of 1 chart with the specific pattern that everyone knows, and everybody can be prepared for an Explosion if it comes.

More eyes are definitely better than one as sometimes I can be busy and also miss certain trade setups and that's why this community is so powerful which I am very proud of.

See below for some of the active discussions we had and in fact some of the graduates had already made money on some of the calls that were alerted by me LIVE.

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It heartening to see and hear all the raving reviews from every single participant and I am honored to know that I have added value immensely. 

I trust all of you are now ready to rule the stock market with absolute confidence and clarity with my "6-Step" Blueprint, 1GT and 1ET Strategies and my System.

To be honest, I was physically drained after all the non-stop talking and actions during the 2 and a half day program, but after seeing all the raving reviews and appreciating how much my students have benefited, I am all charged up again.

It's things like these that keeps me going, and makes me want to impart my knowledge to as many people as possible. 

It's things like this that pushes me to give my best each time I teach so that everybody fully benefits and succeed in the stock market.

Some of my clients have asked me when the next program will be, I am happy to say that it will be in another 3 to 4 months time. Apologies for the long wait as I have a really tight schedule.

I am doing this out of my normal work where we have to service thousands of clients while managing our own proprietary fund as well. So I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Just to share that I am not a trainer whose main business is to teach and probably make a living through this.

We actually do these stuff daily on a real life trading floor, where 1000s of trades worth millions of dollars are executed monthly, not just by me but by my clients and students altogether.

If you want to find out more how you too can benefit from this program and know exactly what you will be getting then you need to attend a Free Introductory workshop.

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Come get a Glimpse of my Blueprint and the Power of my Explosive 1ET Strategy live.....

If you see a fit after attending the introductory workshop, then perhaps you can also consider joining it too in the future where I can assure you that you will not be disappointed....

BUT please don’t take my word for it, for now, see what others have to say above...

Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas to all.   ;)

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