Monday, October 10, 2016

Ying Li: Some profit taking seen near 0.180.... still good to go? No EXITS on System yet fyi, so maybe?

From previous call, we have indeed seen a HUGE RUN for Ying Li with a high at 0.178 today before some profit taking…..

Have sent an email last week when we saw some actions above the key 0.150 level and after a few days it just rallied….

Seeing some resistance as of now at 0.180 which is normal given the spike up.

Support would be at 0.170 for now where we can expect buyers to return too, of course protect profits if needed…

Just to share, we actually had a 1ET BULLISH ENTRY SIGNAL ON 9 September 2016, Entry price at 0.141, about 1 month ago before all the HOO HA…..

And then the ascent started…..

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Some managed to get in on time some of the counters…. There were quite a few last week actually….

Congrats to you… Vard and Ying Li really ran after you entered !!!!

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Recent Email:

Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2016 9:31 AM
Subject: ************ Ying Li: Attempting a breakout above 0.150... Short term positive above... price 0.151
After consolidating below 0.150 since the beginning of the year, we are finally seeing some action today with it crossing above the 0.150 key resistance level. We can expect more upside if this level were to hold  now. Seeing a convergence of all the moving averages with a very like crossover to the upside signally a reversal in progress. Target can be to 0.160 then 0.170 in the short term. Waiting for more confirmation.  MACD just got above the zero mark too over the past week, momentum likely above 0.150.

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