Friday, August 5, 2016

SATS: A BREAKOUT indeed after call issued.... price 4.57

We have indeed seen a move above the 4.50 KEY RESISTANCE level for SATS over the past 2 days…

Has issued a call on Wednesday to take note on a potential move upwards….

Can the rally continue from here….?

Let’s see if our first target at 4.60 gets out of the way today too…

Ok, maybe not today….

Next week…. J

Looking at other stocks now…. Quite a few have huge potential… waiting for the precise entry….….


Recent Email:

Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2016 11:35 AM
Subject: ************ SATS: Approaching previous high.... at the sell zone for now.... BUT a firm move 4.50 can be a Positive.... price 4.49
We have seen SATS reach the key 4.50 resistance level after some gradual upticks when it crossed 4.20 resistance last month…. We are now at the sell zone and we can expect some profit taking from here with a retracement back to 4.40 possible too. More importantly, any firm move above 4.50 with what we are looking for can see the upticks continue further, with a revised target to 4.60 then 4.80 too.

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