Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Best World: At an all time Multi-year High.... Heading towards 2.00? Eye opening signal seen with Re-Entry.... price 1.865

We have seen more upside momentum indeed from this morning call with it touching a high of 1.875 as of now….

Some profit taking seen, normal given the rise seen over past few days…

Was just taking a quick look at my system to see what it says and it was indeed eye opening.

I think this is one of the super rare stocks that have seen IMMENSELY HUGE GAINS this year.

I am glad my system managed to pick this up….

We actually had 2 OF MY completely different 1ET AND 1GT strategies with completely different set of criteria pick this up on the SAME DAY at 4th April 2016…. (SEE chart below)

I checked the criteria and signals again and it is indeed correct!

A home run since with a 189.8% GAIN after just 2 months with an Exit in June….

We then had ANOTHER RE-ENTRY last month….

Now at 1.865, at an all time high….

Still MORE UPSIDE FROM here?  To 2.00 maybe?

Shall check the system again….  :)

How I wish everyone knows EXACTLY WHAT goes on behind the system and have the POWER to make such gains with us….

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