Saturday, June 4, 2016

InvestingNote platform rocks..... Have you check it out?

Just wanted to share that I am very honored to be the Most Followed person on InvestingNote.

For those who are new, this is actually one of the leading Stock trading Social Media platforms in Singapore……

In fact, I think this is the only one at the moment.

At last checked, I just realized that I also happened to have the Highest Reputation points on this platform too..…

In my opinion, this platform really rocks, because it has so many awesome features and it’s kind of indispensable for me now…..

So let me share what are some of the things that I like:

1) Awesome Charts:

Yes, the charts are awesome. Period. I am using them solely for all my technical charts analysis. I have tried many others before on all other brokerages out there and I dare say that this charts are way better, and there are lots of useful features too. 

And it is free too. Prices are live and it is very clean and simple to use and very intuitive. I like it that I can just zoom in and out just by scrolling my mouse.  J Amazing…. What more can I ask for? You need to try it to believe it.

2) Awesome Community:

Yes, I get to comment and learn from other experts too that are better than me in the community. Some of them are stronger in fundamental analysis where I can also pick up some skills. And there are some great trading ideas posted too which i might have missed and not looked at. 

Of course, I get to share some of my technical trading ideas and calls too where others can benefit and learn.… It’s a great community where people share and learn and most importantly, profit together. I am happy to see others profited from some of the calls that I have made too, a great sense of satisfaction to be able to help someone find more clarity in the stock market….

3) Awesome Rewards:

I can’t believe that I can actually help people trade better and make some money in the stock market and still redeem real life rewards for my efforts. I mean, we can actually earn reputation points just for sharing and with this points we can redeem like real movie vouchers, food vouchers, shopping vouchers and lots more…. 

Wow wow wow. Simply a game changer…. And the thing is, I am doing what I like which is sharing and profiting together as a community…. Great job InvestingNote, I think you guys nailed it here. J

Note that I am not affiliated to InvestingNote in anyway, this platform just rocks so I just think I got to share it with more people so more can benefit….

So what are you waiting for?  

Click here to Register and Check out my trading calls at InvestingNote and start sharing too so you can start earning some Din Tai Fung vouchers too, woohoo J

Of course, Be sure to FOLLOW me in there too so you will be Notified on some of my trading ideas….

.......and potentially earn some spare cash for a staycation. J

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