Friday, May 27, 2016

Tech Oil & Gas: Breakdown below 0.080 can see more weakness...... target to 0.060 then 0.050 possible.... cautious long please... price 0.079

We have see some weakness in Tech Oil and Gas with it breaking the temp support at 0.080 on above average volume today.

This can see more weakness so be cautious, hope nobody is holding on to any long position in this blindly, we really don't know how low it can go.

Too bad there are no more scripts available for shorting or we would have shorted more with CFD.

The thing I would like to also share is there was a 1ET Bearish Entry signal on the 28 April with sell entry price at 0.167.

See below.

There still isn't an exit up till now so please be cautious for any long position. We are looking at a 52.1% GAIN in less than a month if you have shorted and ride the downside….

That is the 1ET Strategy… J

Signals and system aside, as long as 0.080 is a cap now, we can still expect short term downside to 0.060 then 0.050

So cautious long again….. No more scripts to short, wasted….

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