Thursday, May 12, 2016

Japfa: Have seen a new high at 0.76 today as it pushes higher with a 1GT Bullish Entry signal yesterday again.... when did the first buy signal came in?

On the 26 Feb 2016, there was a 1ET Bullish Entry signal based on the Explosive Trading strategy where there was a clear entry the very next working day.

Since there we have saw an exit and then a re-entry again with the trend clearly upwards as seen from the trend bar.

For those who have got in on the 29 Feb 2016 which is a clear entry day and held the stock till now, you are looking at a gain of about 50% in just 2 and a half months.

Are there still more upside to come in the coming days or weeks….? We saw another 1GT Bullish Entry signal shown yesterday…. And a further push above today….

Trading is meant to be kept simple with clear entry and exit rules and with our emotions out of the way….  

Let’s see if there is more upside from here. 

Anyway, profits are protected whether the stock moves up or not from here….. we make money no matter what….

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