Monday, January 18, 2016

SingPost: INDEED A Selldown back to 1.50 support after A temp rise...... Price 1.50


Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 9:47 AM
Subject: ********* SingPost: Rebounded from support at 1.50....CFD sell Near resistance... price 1.54
Following up from previous call, we have indeed seen a rebound from the 1.50 support level with resistance at 1.54 – 1.55 for now. For those who manage to catch the rebound as per previous call, note that general trend is still down with resistance at 1.55 then 1.60 and longer term moving averages pointing lower too. So would be good to take profit along the way. As long as this resistance holds, we can still more weakness and a trade back down to 1.50 so can look to CFD SELL positions for a retracement back down. MACD momentum indicator still trending down. A break below 1.50 psychological support can trigger more CFD SELL positions for us where we can see a trade to 1.44 then 1.40.

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